About Bill

Bill Heaton

By nature I have a “Computer Scientist” type of personality starting in the early 70’s and the equivalent experience of a Doctorate of Computer Science. In my areas of expertise, I rank in the top 10% and I’m consistently on the leading edge of technology.

My main passion is almost anything that has to do with communications, in particular Video (Multimedia). Interactive Technology, and Database driven web sites. When I am brought into a new project, it’s almost invariably for one of two reasons:

  1. It’s new technology, or an integration of disparate technology from multiple areas. For example, I was one of the pioneers in the use of “off the shelf computer” hardware to generate broadcast legal outputs for cable television.
  2. Or; as a Tiger Team leader or member. One of my talents is to quickly go through all aspects of a project (Hardware, Software, Resources) to determine what corrective actions are needed to turn it around and then implement those changes.

Startups and New Companies are always considered seriously, “Skunk Works” projects are a plus.


  • Hardware — X86, ARM, Alpha, MIPS, 68000, 34010
  • Systems — OS/X, iOS, Unix, Win32/Win64
  • Software — C, Objective-C, C++, Real Basic, MySql, PHP,  Assembly
  • Skills — HTML5/CSS3, MultiMedia, Drivers, User Interaction, Databases, Security


Bill Heaton
WinkWinkNodNod, LLC
6130 W. Tropicana #124
Las Vegas NV 89103

+1 714-702-5696
Afternoons & Evenings PST are best.


If you’re an agency: Could you do me a favor?  If you put your company name and the job number that you’re having me look at in the title, it really helps to sort out the spam.

I’ve updated my Resume to to reflect the Web work that I’ve been doing. You may also want to look at my LinkedIn profile which has several references.

Please as always, let me know where you plan to submit before doing so. Unfortunately, some of the more aggressive “Wallpaper” type agencies have caused problems in the past.