First Look: Apple iBook Author

Apple released their iBook Author program and I’ve been putting it through it’s paces by updating my “Hardening Snow Leopard” which I’m calling “OS X Lion Server Checklist.”

I have to admit that Author is a bit puzzling for me. Somehow it’s easier to write in than it’s big brother “Pages” but the interface is the same. I’m actually very pleased with the way the new format is working. In about a month, I should have a rough draft to put up.


Starting an “Health Journal” iPad Project

I’ve started a new iPad project: “Health Journal” allows users to tailor the sections to record in a easy to understand format. I believe that using cocos2d is the way to implement the features I want with the added bonus that it’ll probably be fun.

Working on a Mobile Banking App

We’ve been working on a Mobile Banking App for one of the big 3 banks.  Basically one of those “Clean up the Mess” type of projects.

The previous Indian team had a “Rubber Stamp” mentality to development so we’ve been able to reduce the size and speed up the application quite a bit.


Our 1st Fortune 100 iPhone App!

We’ve been working on a iPhone banking application for a major bank. It’s been an intense couple of months, however the app is winding it’s way through the QA process at the bank with no bugs and only minor tweaks at this point. The client was especially impressed with the Doxygen documentation (see the tibits menu above).

At this point we have several iPhone applications in the iTunes store.