First Look: Fujitsu S1500M Scanner and Mariner Paperless

For Christmas I got myself a Fujitsu 1500M scanner.  All I can say is: “What an improvement” scanners have made in the last decade.

It’s fast, It’s easy, I went through one of my file drawers in an evening.

I used Paperless for Mac OS X to Scan, Convert, and Organize the resulting searchable PDFs.

Very few jams (it really won’t take a paper clip) and the accuracy rate of the text conversion was suburb.  We talking about decade old paper with faded ink and it was able to handle it.  I am impressed with both products.

If your like me with dozen boxes of old business paper;  This is how to regain some valuable office space.  I’m going to be spending most of my Holidays getting rid of paper!