Development Toolset

9Somebody asked what I use for my development toolchain because   I’m a heavy mac user.  I work mostly in HTML5, CSS3, and PHP5. There is a lot of Yii2 and jQuery in the mix to up the ante for what works for me.  MariaDb is the database of choice.

Over the last six months or so I’ve been moving away from the Adobe table because my old CS6 tools have been more and more difficult to get working on the recent OS X releases.  I haven’t been upgrading my CS6 toolset because I’m not willing to buy into the Adobe “Creative Cloud” dream.

For code slinging my editor is now Coda2, a real eye-opener.  In the same UI you have a file browser (think Cyberduck) , a MySQL client, a SSH client and to top that off, it integrates well with  source control (SVG and GIT.)   That coupled with a fantastic customer support that’s willing to hold hands with an old demented programmer and the ability to easily integrate custom modules makes it an almost magical product.

For Image manipulation, I’m vacillating between sketch and affinity designer. I love sketch because it does everything that fireworks does in a easier and cleaner interface.  I’d plunk the cash down except for one minor problem.  It doesn’t handle anything above 72dpi. Why does that give this  webslinger heartburn?  Because on occasion I have to send artwork to the printers who insist on 300dpi artwork.  I’ll probably end up buying both.

I also use inkscape to vectorize images into SVG to import into the other editors.  The problem with inkscape is that it is sooooo, sooooo slow.  SVG’s time has arrived, and it a open source standard that is being adopted by most of the current generation of vector editing programs.

When I put on my DB admin hat, MySQLWorkbench for making pretty database diagrams and then turn into mysql scripts. Sequal pro for the heavy lifting that Coda2 can’t deal with.

Finally SourceTree for the Git support that Coda2 can’t handle.