HTML5 & CSS 3.2 Class

I’m teaching a HTML5 class once a week, which of course means that I’m getting a better handle on it. Now that IE9 is out, HTML5 is ready to rock and roll! The new enities simplify the document structure greatly and we have all sorts of new toys to play with.

We’re redoing the Seattle Storyteller Guild to embrace the new standard, and move them over to WordPress. Still a work in progress however, I think it’s starting to look really good.

I’ve playing with WordPress for several small projects that I’m doing. That’s led me to some old yet new technology for Websites. First the concept of a grid layout which has been used for centuries in newspapers and consistent typography which again has been used for centuries.

I’m actually considering moving my website over to WordPress, it has been decidedly easy to work with and I’ve been modifying plugins down deep in the guts. Needless to say I’m happier than a cat with a big bowl of cream.