Switching over to Yii2

My PwwwHP framework of choice for several years was CodeIgniter.  My problem with it was that  hasn’t been maintained over the years since EllisLab distanced themselves from their child.  The new generation displayed a rather strong “Not invented here” attitude that stifled development.  It was time for a new framework.

In my searches I discovered Yii and who had just released their Alpha for version 2.  What proper programmer could resist?  I played with it for a bit and discovered that all the pieces that CodeIgniter was resisting were present and I decided that I’d switch over when I had the opportunity.

Some companies have a “Summer of Coding,” I on the other hand have the “Holidays of Coding.”  I shutter my main website on December 25th until the middle of January.  Each year I work on a specific project just for the shear joy of slinging code until all hours of the night.  No Phone, No Texts, No Social Media, and only a few visitors.

One of my administrative backends had grown long in the tooth, originally created in 2005 or so.  It had been the first full project that used MVC and AJAX.  The project went together smoothly and performed well over the years.  However, as what often happens, I learned a lot about what needed to happen to make operations smoother.

So this year my project was to update that interface and made to the decision to switch frameworks.  As Sulu would say: “Oh My!”  The first thing that became apparent was that this framework was designed to be updatable.  Their were actual release notes that told you how to do it.  The framework itself is lighter, faster, and easier to work with.  In two words: “Yii rocks.”