RSTS/E V9 Archive Updated

I am having too much fun. I thought that it would at least another month before I put an update out. However…

The How-To documents needed to be updated to reflect reality just a little bit better. I needed to make sure that the Generated Monitor is the default boot (Ahhh… That one critical “START RSTS96” at the end of Sysgen). The SimH control files have been updated so that using EDT in change mode is now possible. The default RP04 now has a System Management account because logging into [1,2] is really stupid if you don’t need to do it 😉

The good new is that if you downloaded the full zip already, All you need to get is the “RSTS/E V9 Archive w/o Dec Manuals (19.5M)” because none of the DEC manuals changed.

Now I’m really going to go away for a while; It’s time to play with the Y2K Date patch, the layered software (Does anybody happen to have a copy of the BASIC-PLUS-2 Installation Manual?), and maybe even some games. Thanks for all the feedback and enjoy!

RSTS/E V9 Archive

SIMH OS/X (Intel) Versions