What do you need to run a successful website?

True Innovations Dib/Tall High-Back ChairYesterday, I was asked: “What do you need to run a successful web site?” and my first two answers were:

  • The best extended use office chair  you can afford.
  • The biggest computer monitor you can afford.

If your want to be one of the best, your going to be spending a lot time in that chair. The better the chair the longer it’ll take before your rump, hips, and lower back start complaining.

There are chairs available for 24×7 use but if your like me you can probably get away with one that’s rated for 5+ hours.  You really should be getting up and taking a stretch every few hours.

Likewise, your going almost always have a lot of windows open, and when it’s late at night and your eyes are ready to go to bed and your not;  The ability to zoom the display will be a much needed relief for tired eyes.